Clinical Neuropsychology

Services Provided to Children

Young Children

  • Developmental evaluations of toddlers
  • Referral to Early Intervention as needed
  • Testing with the ADOS-2 to evaluate possible autism spectrum disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental¬†assessment of¬†¬†preschool age children
  • Evaluation of ADD, ADHD or other behavioral issues
  • Classroom observation
  • Consultation to parents regarding behavioral support at home
  • Recommendations for educational programming
  • Consultation regarding IEP and 504 process for children age 3-5

School Age Children and Teens

  • Diagnosis of learning disabilities
  • Recommendations for school services and interventions
  • Consultation regarding IEP and 504 process
  • Diagnosis of ADD or ADHD
  • Assessment of giftedness
  • WISC-V testing for admission to private school
  • Diagnosis of anxiety disorders and disorders of mood regulation
  • Diagnostic consideration regarding Asperger’s Syndrome and other high-functioning autism spectrum disorders
  • Specialized evaluations of children with multiple handicaps or more significant special needs

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